Simply teaching about teaching!

How do you maintain your passion for teaching and education whilst avoiding overwhelm? 


How do you juggle multiple domains of your role:

- The demands of the classroom and your relationship with pupils, parents and colleagues?

- The need for theory to underpin your knowledge and understanding of education?

- The collating of evidence to show that you have the required learning outcomes and/or teacher standards?


Lose the feeling that you're doing the same thing over and over again!

I can show you how to work in a way where  practice, theory and evidencing complement each other and combine to enable you to attain excellence in teaching!

TeachAbout® :

Simply teaching about teaching

Keeping it simple means avoiding

  • Information overload
  • Approaches that require more time and resources than you have
  • Confusion of how data and theory relate to your actual practice
  • The struggle to meet Teacher Standards or learning outcomes

And above all ...

  • Means that  you DO NOT have to take on additional work to enhance your professional development! 


The TeachAbout® approach


I will provide you with succinct, accessible and evidence-based resources which:


  • Present key knowledge and identify specific actions for you to take to transform your practice immediately.


  • Enable you to learn in a way which suits you and when it suits you by providing a range of written, audio and visual formats.


  • Guide you on how theory and data can be your friend and how they can - and should - underpin and enhance your practice.










Ways I can work with you !

TeachAbout® is about you!

What level of support do you need?

"I'm happy to go it alone..."

That's great! TeachAbout® is set up so that you can do just that.

Our courses and resources are so clear that you can use them in your own way, at your own pace and implement the strategies as appropriate in your practice.


"I want to be able to discuss what I'm working on and network with others."

You don't have to go it alone - you can have access to an online community and network with others sharing your journey. 

You can find me Facebook where I create communities to support my memberships.

You can also see my business page: https://www.facebook.com/Advocate4Inclusion/


"I  need more support to meet my needs; guidance and mentoring are what I'm missing in the training I've had in the past."

Perfect - you can get all the help you need.  I offer many ways of working with me with different levels of support.  My range of services provided is growing weekly!

I provide a range of 'live' training in addition to running group workshops and facilitating group discussion, reflection and sharing of practice. 

I am currently available to work with small groups and 1:1 upon request, but will be developing specific programs of personalised (group / individual) support in the future.


If you need a bespoke session or package - just contact me and discuss your needs.



3D Lesson Planning  simple, clear and time-saving!

...  coming soon!


Key Course Activities & Outcomes


  • Analyse previous planning proformas and identify the key elements which make a lesson plan meaningful and useful to you.
  • Create lesson plans you can teach from
  • Focus on your professional development (including evidencing teaching standards) not the secretarial load of planning.
  • Grow in confidence and use the range of proformas flexibly to match your level of experience and professional focus.



  • Identify exactly what children are learning in each lesson
  • Clarify approaches to differentiation
  • Adopt an approach which enables you to clarify how to plan to meet the full range of needs in your class






SENCo Membership


How would you like a clear, monthly focus which enables you to manage provision and take a lead when advocating for SEN in your setting?

Identify what your SENCo priorities are for the month!

Access tools that will help the exchange of information between you and class teachers to enable them to take on their duty for SEN.

Download 'done-for-you' resources that you can use to deliver training / provide information to all stakeholders with a different FOCUS FOR DEVELOPMENT each month!

All this for a monthly subscription.


See details of the

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1:1 sessions

These sessions are currently available on request.


Please email with an outline of what you require help with and I'll confirm my availability and prices.


Areas of interest currently

The NASENCo course:


Evidence-based practice / research

Evidencing the SENCo Learning Outcomes

Academic reading, writing and assessment criteria







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